I am European. British. French. If the British vote to say they are no longer European, it is a huge part of my identity redefined.
If the British vote to say they are not European, then I can not say I am British, because that's not what British meant to me when I defined myself as such.
Why is this important to me? i never realised it was before. i guess i never thought it was something that could come into question and so didn't protect against the possibility.
If the British vote to say they are not European, i will get my french passport, to which i am entitled, but it still won't say where i grew up and in what culture or society i invested a large part of my identity.
i have a feeling i'll still be a me in the morning.
what an interesting and enjoyable game of Lovecraftesque. Was hard work in some places and very creepy in others. Thanks +Eadwin Tomlinson +Aleksandra Sontowska and +Johannes Oppermann  for being so creative and open.
It was a twisting plot, which led to a very unpredictable story, and meant that the excellent final scene was different to what I'd thought of. It's kind of cool to feel like we all came away with the same story and different stories.
I'm also satisfied keeping my own version of events to myself, it will haunt me when the wind howls and the owls call..
just MC'd my first session. Monsterhearts was really really fun for me thank you for playing with me +Robert Ruthven and +Eadwin Tomlinson and +Isa Wills - i learned a lot and will improve. i surprised myself by getting storylines to pretty much make sense.  hope i do a proper write-up of it.

My favourite thing I did was giving Isa's Werewolf Johnny a Big Choice and my favourite thing that happened was The Witch and The Fury having a heart-to-heart in a hearse as they followed The Werewolf on a motorcycle to the taxidermist's shop

and then i ate a tub of ice cream and then i went to bed
Monsterhearts is a game about the messy lives of teenage monsters.
I chose to run it as my first game because I feel close to the subject matter and I love the design of the game.